We are a neighborhood. 

We are a community. 


That is our best future - Both for SOMA and all San Francisco

When the San Francisco Planning Department launched its “Central Corridor Study” over a year ago with the frank admission (later retracted), “Let’s face it, this is really about expanding Downtown ...,” it exposed its initial goal: to build many more office buildings in Central SOMA for the City’s new Tech Industry, with the future Fourth Street Central Streetcar/Subway route – just a modest addition to the current MUNI service here – as the justification. 

But our TODCO Group, along with many, many others of good purpose in government, the private sector, and SOMA‘s many communities, has spent 40 years building instead a real Neighborhood, a real Community in Central South of Market, starting with the extraordinary Yerba Buena Redevelopment Project and all that has followed. We concur with the importance of the City’s Tech Industry and its future, and the City’s Visitor Industry too. But we insist Community/Neighborhood Building must always be of equal/greater importance than downtown office buildings.