The TODCO Group Central SOMA Community Plan:


1. Summary: Approach and Intended Outcomes (pending)


2. Context: What’s Going On

       A.  An Overall Strategy For Office Development In Central San Francisco (Incomplete)

       B.  The Complete Tech Industry Office Market Continuum 

       C.  Correctly Defining the Entire “Central Corridor”         

                    Map: The Entire Central Subway Transit/Economic Corridor

       D.  Place-Making and Character: Traditional SOMA and New SOMA

                    Matrix: Central SOMA Character Matrix

                    Map: All Place-Making Character Assets (PDF) (Online Photo Map) 

                    Map: Place-Making Icons (PDF) (Online Photo Map)  

                    Map: Traditional SOMA Places (PDF) 

                    Map: SOMA Neighborhood Places Old & New (PDF) (Online Photo Map) 

                    Map: New SOMA/Tech Places (PDF) (Online Photo Map) 



3. Detailed Plan Proposals

       A.  Protecting Vital Space For The Future By Restricting Mergers of Small Lots

                    Map: Soft Sites Per City Planning Department

                    Map: TODCO Field Survey of Sites Less Than 1 FAR

                    Map: Lots Impacted by Controls 

       B.  New Zoning And Development Controls

                    Map: Proposed Commercial Zoning Element

                    Map: Proposed Neighborhood Zoning Element

                    Map: Proposed Zoning

                    Development Buildout Summary (pending)

       C.  New Height Limits

                    Map: Base Height Limits

                    Map: Conditional Use and Base Height Limits

                    Map: Conditional Use Height Limit Changes

       D.  Anchor Intersections In Central SOMA

       E.   Central SOMA Community Building Focal Point: Fifth/Brannan Special Use District

                    Fifth and Brannan SUD Master Plan

                    Flowermart Phasing Plan

       F.  Population, Diversity, Gentrification, And Affordable Housing

                    The Prop K Central SOMA 33% Housing Balance District

                    Strengthening The SOMA Youth and Family Zone

                    Map: The South of Market Youth, Family, and Seniors Zone       

       G.  Development of Yerba Buena Central Subway Station With Senior Housing 

                    Draft Floor Plans


                    Yerba Buena Senior Neighborhood

                    Map: Yerba Buena Senior Neighborhood        

       H.  Future Expansion Of Moscone Convention Center - See for information on the Moscone Expansion Project

                    Pedestrian Improvements Overall Plan

                    4th Street  - Pedestrian Improvements Howard Street to Mission Street

                    4th Street  - Pedestrian Improvements Mission Street to Market Street

       I.  5M Project Community Building Responsibilities - See for information on the 5M Project

       J.  Neighborhood Building Opportunities at the Block/Alley Level 

                    Neighborhood Building Toolkit Legend

                    Yerba Buena Clementina/Gallagher Block Diagram

                    Yerba Buena Lapu Lapu Block Diagram

                    Yerba Buena Clara/Shipley Block Diagram (pending)

                    Fourth Street Bluxome Block Diagram (pending)

                    Fourth Street Ritch/Lusk/Clyde Block Diagram (pending)

                    Fourth Street Ritch/Lusk/Clyde Block Isometric (pending)

       K.  A Real Community Building Eco-District 

                    The Neighborhood EarthView Project

                    Greening the Freeway

     L.  "Community Commercial": How to Keep Small-Scale Enterprise Working in Central SOMA

                    303 Second Street: A Partly Successful Privately-Owned Public Open Space (POPOS) in SOMA

                   Integrating Community Building Public Open Spaces And Private Green Spaces In New SOMA Office Development                     

     M. SOMA PDR/Arts Space Permanent Controls